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Let’s make your prospective homebuyers feel comfortable; and better yet, let’s do the same for you. When you partner with Intermountain Plantings for landscape construction at your communities, you’ll gain peace of mind that every project will be executed with the utmost care.

Designed to Impress

Dial up the curb appeal and the results. When you partner with Intermountain Plantings, you can expect:

  • Increased homebuyer satisfaction
  • Boosted sales
  • An enhanced reputation with homebuyers
  • Higher margins

Our Unique Process

Our no-hassle, turnkey process yields the smoothest experience for you and your buyers. Our dedicated customer service team and warranty departments ensure the care continues through every step of the process and beyond.

Design & Planning

We integrate with your design center to make sure landscaping is considered as part of the home-finishing selection process. Our exclusive Green Print Planner™ software helps homebuyers visualize their landscape and achieve the perfect design for their needs and lifestyle.


Our dedicated team of experienced, professional landscapers expertly executes the installation. With more crews than any other provider in the state, we’re ready to go when you are for on-time and on-budget completion.

Ongoing Support

We handle your homebuyers’ questions and concerns directly and even train them on how to maintain their new landscape. Plus, you can count on our customer service and warranty departments to handle any unexpected issues, lessening your headaches.

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