Municipal & Recreation
Intermountain Plantings was the general contractor on a full re-landscaping project implemented at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Tens of thousands of shrubs and full landscaping were installed throughout the site, including along the off-ramps, terminals, parking areas, and pickup and drop-off areas.

The landscape welcomes travelers from around the world to Utah, and Intermountain Plantings used strictly native or adaptive plants. In addition, plants along roadways needed to be carefully selected to withstand not only the extremely high alkaline soils of the area, but also to handle the toxic-level amount of road salt and snow melt necessary to keep the roads clear and safe in the winter. Finally, as bird populations pose a serious threat to aircraft, attention was paid to avoid plants that produced fruit or provided any other bird habitat.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Property Owner: Salt Lake City
General Contractor: Intermountain Plantings
Year Completed: 2007
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