Intermountain Plantings’ Maintenance Division commits to uphold our reputation of excellence as the most respected commercial landscape maintenance firm in Northern Utah. Our trained, uniformed crews and professional office staff work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Soil & Turf Services
  • Arbor Care
  • Seasonal Cleanup & Installation
  • Enhancements
  • Pest Applications
  • Irrigation Monitoring & Repair

Soil Services

Picturesque green lawns are the staple of Intermountain Plantings’ Turfgrass Management plan, and healthy soil is where it all starts.

We develop a prescriptive fertilizer plan for each of our clients’ landscapes by performing detailed soil analysis, to determine exactly what nutrients the lawn needs. This program reduces waste by eliminating unnecessary fertilizer applications and ensures that your lawn gets the precise nutrients it needs to develop a lush green color and defend itself against weeds and pests.

Arbor Care

Trees are the most valuable assets in a landscape, and as such, require a higher level of care to ensure their health and longevity throughout the years. Intermountain Plantings’ team of ISA-certified arborists specialize in the most advanced techniques in tree healthcare management to provide trees with the ideal growing conditions.

Seasonal Cleanup & Installation

Intermountain Plantings’ talented design team excels in annual flower bed arrangements that add a burst of color to landscapes and create lasting impressions. Each of our team members employ superior installation and maintenance techniques to ensure the ideal environment for flower performance. In addition, we offer cleanup services as the seasons change.


Enhancement projects provide a unique opportunity to enrich an existing landscape. Intermountain Plantings’ team begins by assessing the individual needs of each site, including understanding the specific microclimates that affect an area. We then work to implement a design that will beautify and emphasize the property. Our meticulous work process ensures that each project runs seamlessly, producing a product that surpasses expectation.

Pest Applications

Licensed by the state of Utah, Intermountain Plantings’ certified applicators expertly eliminate weeds and pests from our clients’ properties. Each applicator closely monitors every landscape for environmental pests and utilizes the most current, integrated pest management practices for removal, in the least invasive manner possible.

Irrigation Monitoring & Repair

Intermountain Plantings’ irrigation contractors and auditors have skilled crews who inspect and repair irrigation systems to ensure programs are running at optimum efficiency.

Our team offers state-of-the-art irrigation management technology that monitors current weather conditions within one mile of the property, and adjusts watering schedules in real time. Not only does this technology provide cost savings by eliminating unnecessary watering, it creates a healthier growing environment for plant material.